Stutches (UR9996)

Chris Kelsey has an international reputation as one of the most distinctive and forward-thinking saxophonists in jazz. His own compositions are innovative, individualistic, and crackling with creative energy.

Stutches, on the Unseen Rain label, teams Chris with two other master jazz improvisers: tabla player and drummer/percussionist Tom Tedesco and multi-instrumentalist Jack DeSalvo on banjo, mandolin and various guitars. Stutches is filled with inventive humor and virtuosic intensity.

The high-definition download and maximum fidelity mp3s direct from the master of Stutches is  available exclusively on mEyeFi. (Click here to visit the mEyeFi store).


CD Quality FLAC Download- $9.99

mp3 320 k (Recommended for iTunes users) – 9.99

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"Using both acoustic and electric instruments, DeSalvo demonstrates technique, intelligence and imagination with a broad streak of lyricism and passion in what amounts to one of the better guitar voices to be heard in improvised music these days." – Cadence