Jack DeSalvo
is an American jazz and classical guitarist, composer, multi-instrumenalist and producer.

"Guitarist Jack DeSalvo stands out for his angular harmonies played with his instrument" - Musiczoom.it, “banjo player Jack DeSalvo uncorks a salvo of twangs as if Earl Scruggs has pushed his way into a Count Basie jam.” – NYC Jazz Record. Playing all manner of guitars as well as performing on cello, various members of the mandolin family and banjo, he fronts his own trio and quartet and is a member of the Julie Lyon Quintet, Matt Lavelle’s 12 Houses, Sumari and a number of other NYC-based ensembles. Jack DeSalvo currently records for Unseen Rain Records https://jackdesalvo.bandcamp.com/, appearing on more than 20 releases. He has produced a significant number of recordings for other jazz artists.

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