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Composing For Improvisers Part 1

$3.99 PDF book

part 1 of Jack DeSalvo’s treatise COMPOSING FOR IMPROVISERS.

As a composer I have been fortunate enough to have many great improvisers perform my
music. Having written literally thousands of compositions for improvisers (and otherwise) I have
decided to present my thoughts, philosophy and practices on this important art form.” – Jack DeSalvo

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$3.99 PDF Book

When Tom Cabrera set out to recorded his first album as a leader for UNSEEN RAIN Records he enlisted pianist Bob Rodriguez and double-bassist Mark Hagan and he decided to record
solely the music of his frequent band mate on various other projects, composer Jack DeSalvo.

The charts contained in this collection represent all the music from the recording. Though all the pieces were each written at different points in DeSalvo’s career, they were chosen carefully from
his collected works. The exception being “Noticeable Most When The Moon is Hidden” which was written specifically for this session.

The charts here are exactly the ones the musicians worked with for the recording. They are presented for the most part as traditional lead sheets, though often there are very specific chord
voicings indicated for the heads. These are all included on the charts. Most of the time the band used identical charts for each piece except for “Jopariol” and “Rivers of Light” which have separate bass parts. Included are piano and guitar versions of the charts, though the music on the recording is by Tom Cabrera’s piano trio.





Complete Sheet Music from


The sheet music presented here are the compositions from the album While We Sleep on Unseen Rain Records (UR9946). The flexibility of these pieces is exemplified in the recording itself as drummer/percussionist Tom Cabrera and I employed a slew of instruments o the various tracks.

Each of these pieces can be performed in any sized ensemble from solo to a fairly large group working directly from the charts as they are presented here. Most pieces here are in two versions, one with the second line in bass clef for pianists and bass players and the other with the second line in treble clef for guitarists, mallet players, etc.

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